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Boxing legend Mike Tyson trains with WWE Icon Kurt Angle and former UFC star Henry Cejudo ahead of comeback –

September 1, 2020

Despite the delay of his return to the ring, Mike Tyson is still putting the work in.

In a perfect world, Tyson and Roy Jones Jr were set to meet on September 12, but due to COVID-19 and their inability to fill out an arena as a result, the fight has been pushed back to November.

Tyson last fought 15 years ago but has got himself back in top shape


Tyson last fought 15 years ago but has got himself back in top shape

As part of his training, Tyson decided to hook up with WWE legend Kurt Angle and former UFC double champion Henry Cejudo at Tyson Ranch.

Angle shared a picture of all three on Instagram, and wrote: “#SmartCups Ambassadors @henry_cejudo @miketyson and yours’ truly, at a training session today.”

While Tyson probably wasn’t seeking out how to land an Angle Slam and master a single-leg takedown, he met up with Angle and Cejudo as they are ambassadors of the Smart Cups brand.

Smart Cups claim to be the world’s ‘first printed beverage’ where you basically pour water into their cups and get the flavour you want.

It wasn’t just a PR exercise, though. Tyson also put in some work on the pads and, once again, displayed just how frightening he is for a man in his 50s.

There was initially some doubt that the eight-round exhibition with Jones Jr going ahead in November. Jones Jr wanted to be compensated for the fight being delayed stating that it effected his other ventures.

It seems like a agreement was reached, but Jones Jr was fully prepared to pull out.

He said: “I said what I said and I meant what I said. I’m no fool and I’m not going to be treated like one.

“Come November 28, now I get to go act the fool which is what I want to do anyway.

“So now they gave me a new term, a new date, and a new chance to act the fool which is what I love to do anyway.”