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August 8, 2020

Former Florida state player, Michael Ojo has died in Serbia because of a heart attack that he suffered while training.

Michael Ojo died due to a Cardiac attack during individual training in Serbia. His former team Red Star Belgrade has confirmed the news. The statement said, ” The sudden and Shocking death has deeply shaken everybody in the club”.

The player had earlier tested positive for COVID-19  but had recovered in a few days. The cause of death is said to be a heart attack during individual training.

Michael Ojo RIP

Почивај у миру брате наш, заувек ћемо памтити заједничке тренутке са доброћудним дивом

— Red Star Belgrade (@RSBForum)August 7, 2020

Michael Ojo’s career

In 2017, 27-year-old was undrafted in NBA and and from there on he moved to European Basketball. He started his professional career from FMP Belgrade. After a year, he was signed by Adriatic League Champion, Red Star Belgrade. The team gave him the popularity and was popular as the “big giant’. The player impressed with his strength and his powerful Dunks.

Ojo won the ABA League (Basketball league in Serbia) with Zvezda as well as the ring of the ABA League.

Michael Ojo will be remembered as a strong, athletic basketball figure in Belgrade, one that did not shy away from a fight. He was always ready to give 100% for his team and that showed in the way he approached all games.

His huge frame on the basketball court helped him dominate his opponents. And while he was good at the sport as a whole, he was also a loving and caring man off it.

The news comes as a shock to everyone that knew him and hopefully his loved one’s can find peace in this moment of tragedy.