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FALL OR SPRING? Area football coaches weigh in – Winston-Salem Journal

July 15, 2020

The News & Record granted 22 area high school football coaches anonymity and asked if they would prefer to:

A. Try to play the season in the fall.

B. Postpone the season to the spring.

The verdict

Of the 17 coaches who responded, nine favored trying to play in the fall, while the other eight would postpone the season to the spring.

What they’re saying

“First and foremost, I just want to play somehow, some way. We need to play. Kids need to play. Kids, parents and teachers need schools open. … I’m afraid of what will happen to high school athletics and football if we do not play at all.”

“I don’t have much faith that an effective vaccine will ever be developed, so if that’s part of the reason we’d delay until spring it’s wrong-headed. The virus is highly contagious, but not as deadly as it’s been portrayed. … I am of the belief that we need to get back to living. What we are doing now is repressive.”

“Both have risks. To me, it all comes down to safety for the coaches and players. If we can start later and play conference games and playoffs, that will work for me. It also helps schools get some money and helps kids get recruited.”

“I am good in either form as long as safety is what is being held in consideration, (but) option B would allow us a shot at more of a full schedule.”

“Play it in the fall. However, if it means we have a season over not (having one), then move it to the spring. We must have a season!”

“My biggest fear is for the safety of the players, coaches, family members and fans. I want to make sure that everyone is safe, and if playing in the spring is the safest thing for us to do, then I’m all for that.”

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