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Kanté ‘prepared to miss’ rest of Chelsea season over COVID-19 fears – We Ain’t Got No History

May 23, 2020

After participating on the first day, Tuesday, N’Golo Kanté has opted out from small-group training at Cobham the rest of this week and going forward. In fact, according to Sky Sports, he’s prepared to miss not only training, but the actual games as well if and when the Premier League restarts the 2019-20 season next month.

Kanté’s choice is fully supported by the club and head coach Frank Lampard, as it should be, though it’s unclear how long this arrangement can realistically last. Kanté’s intent to entirely avoid group settings is understandable givenhis fears over the coronavirus and his family’s history of heart problems(including his brother passing away from a heart attack two years ago), which could make him more susceptible to suffering or perhaps even dying from COVID-19. But the global situation is unlikely to improve anytime soon, until a vaccine can be found. And, even if possible, that’s probably a year or more away — which is why fans are unlikely to be allowed back into stadiums for a long while yet as well.

Chelsea have nine matches left to play this season, which the Premier League hope to conclude by early August. UEFA will then look to play out the rest of the Champions League that month, before all leagues begin gearing up for next season, which will presumably start in September.

Kanté tested clear on Tuesday and got tested again yesterday with the rest of the Chelsea squad.

N’Golo Kante is prepared to miss the rest of the season, if it resumes, amid fears over returning to Chelsea training due to the coronavirus pandemic.

— Sky Sports News (@SkySportsNews)May 22, 2020