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LaLiga: Football matches every day of the week in Spain – teams can only play once every 72 hours – AS English

May 17, 2020

TheSpanish Football Federation(RFEF) andLaLigahave put their differences aside and reached an agreement on how the domestic season can be completed.Luis RubialesandJavier Tebashave applied Article 5 of the Code of Good Conduct which both signed with Sports Council presidentIrene Lozanoas witness and have resolved the fixtures list and how kick-off times will be organised for the remainder of the season.Football in Spain will return in Junewith matches played on every day of the week – including Mondays with a limit thatno team can play twice in the space of 72 hours. How matches are staggered and kick-off times for each matchday have yet to be finalised but in the hot summer months, games played in cooler parts of the country such as the north will kick off at 20:00 hours while those played in the hotter parts will start later, at 23:00 hours.

Monday night football to return in LaLiga

The agreement will be played public once it is ratified byJudge Andrés Sánchez Magrobecause it was in the law courts thatLaLigaand theRFEFresolved the problem of match fixtures in August last year. Sánchez Magro authorisedleague matches to be played on Fridays butnot on Mondays. That decision will now be temporarily reversed so that this season can be completed on time.

Luis Rubiales, who had originally beenagainst Monday night fixturesbecause he felt it penalised fans, has changed his mind in this instance asmatches will be played behind closed doors.

ForLaLiga, staging football matches every day of the week means that a team who plays on a Monday night will have to play again on a Thursday.Playing two matchdays per weekwill allowLaLiga to be concluded by 29 July, the limit set by UEFA for all European leagues to be completed as an express version of this year’sChampions League will restart on 2 Augustwiththe final taking place in Istanbul on 29 August,as long as the remainder of the calendar can be completed in full pending on what happens in the meantime with the coronavirus pandemic.