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Is Griezmann playing better with Barcelona than at Atletico Madrid? –

April 5, 2020

Barcelona More precise in front of goal, but creating fewer chances

There’s no denying thatAntoine Griezmann’s arrival at Barcelonawas one of the biggest signings of 2019, but has the Frenchman lived up to expectations at the Camp Nou?

MARCA have looked into his performances since moving to Catalonia, using data provided byDriblab.

The graphic below compares his performance withAtletico Madridin 2018/19 to how he’s done since arriving atBarcelona.

One stat that instantly stands out is that he has created fewer chances for his teammates this season at 0.92 per game, although he has become more accurate in front of goal.

He’s now managing to find the target with almost 46 percent of his shots, and 17.8 percent of those are going in.

Looking at the xG graph you can see thatGriezmannappears to be choosing his shots more intelligently this season, with larger circles being chances with a higher probability of resulting in a goal.

With a 9.4 xG he has scored 13 goals, whereas last term he had 18 with a much higher xG of 16.2.