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Sarri: It’s 99 percent certain that Cristiano Ronaldo won’t face Atalanta –

November 23, 2019

Serie A The focus is on the midweek game


Cristiano Ronaldo has been carrying a niggling injury issue for several weeks and this is set to rule him out ofJuventus‘ match againstAtalantaon Saturday.

Maurizio Sarridiscussed the player’s physical condition during a press conference ahead of the match, referring to his performances withPortugalduring the international break.

“The problem is that he was better in the first game withPortugaland then he had the same problems as he has had withJuventusin the second,” the coach stated.

“We’re trying to remove this pain.

“The objective is to have him for the Champions League match againstAtletico Madrid.

“He is undergoing a different training routine.

“It’s 99 percent certain that he won’t be available [vsAtalanta].”

Asked about some ofRonaldo‘s recent reactions to being substituted,Sarrididn’t think there was any issue.

“There isn’t much need to clarify anything,” he told the press.

“This has happened to me since the Nineties.

“Even some fans have had similar reactions to my substitutions.”

Juventus‘ match away atAtalantatakes place at 15:00 CET on Saturday afternoon.