Crown, Prince

Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia preparing a third bid to buy Manchester United –

October 22, 2019

Premier League Figure mooted in the region of 3 billion euros

Manchester Unitedsupporters continue to protest against theGlazerownership of their club, yet there are equally significant concerns over the future with theCrown Prince of Saudi Arabiabelieved to be preparing a staggering third bid to purchase the club.

The heir to the throne in Saudi Arabia isMohammed Bin Salman, and whilst he is often in the news for far more serious incidents that sporting ones, he is ready to take control of the English giants.

Reports in England from The Daily Mirror suggest that he has already seen two offers rebuffed by theGlazerfamily, but a third in excess of three billion euros is his next step.

There is uncertainty at the head of the ailing organisation with several members of theGlazerfamily holding no interest in the club whatsoever, although Avram and Joel continue to work closely withEd Woodward.

To this point the American owners of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have shown no appetite to sell thePremier Leagueclub, as it continues to make them incredible amounts of money for very little effort, however the situation at the club is fluid.

Sponsors are becoming increasingly frustrated by the team’s poor performance on the pitch, and with Chevrolet having refused to renew their 450 million euro shirt sponsorship deal, the value of the club’s shares has dropped.

Kevin Glazer has already attempted to cash in on his 13 percent stake in the club, although not by directly selling his shares, but merely converting his B class shares into A class ones.

Bin Salmanhopes to take advantage of this inter-family uncertainty, though he will likely face staunch opposition from Joel and Avram Glazer.

Whether supporters would be receptive to such a takeover bid remains to be seen, but such is the strength of feeling against theGlazersat this time, sporting demands may cloud a judgement on events away from the pitch taking place in another part of the world.

Should this three billion euro deal go through, it would represent a monumental profit, even more so than they’ve already gained, for theGlazerfamily on the 790 million euros paid for the club in 2003.