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Brendan Rodgers admits Liverpool would be ‘too hard to turn down’ for star players – The Empire of The Kop – a blog about Liverpool F.C.

September 21, 2019

Brendan Rodgers admits Liverpool would be ‘too hard to turn down’ for players

Leicester City manager Brendan Rodgers has conceded that players at other clubs will find it hard to turn down Liverpool or Manchester United if either come knocking.

England’s two biggest clubs were both said to be interested in Foxes’ star James Maddison, over the summer, but a move didn’t materialise.

Rodgers admits that, for a footballer, a career that is so short, it would be hard to turn down a big club and he’d understand it.

I’ve been fortunate that I’ve been at Liverpool where I understand the draw of that type of club,he’s quoted as saying by the Eastern Daily Press. “Liverpool and Manchester United are two of the biggest clubs by far.

There’s other great clubs, there’s big clubs, but those two, in terms of worldwide status, are above the other clubs.

Whenever a player gets an opportunity to go to a club like that, to experience that type of pressure, that expectation – and of course there’ll be a financial side to it as well, let’s be real – that as a package in a short career is maybe something that is too hard to turn down.

I understand it, I get it.

It’s unclear why this subject has even come up, but perhaps Rodgers is preparing for one of his star players to push for a move to one of the Premier League’s biggest guns?

The Reds could certainly use a bit more depth when it comes to attacking options, but this is purely speculation. Our former boss may simply just be chatting trivially.

That being said, a ludicrous offer from United – which, let’s face it, is possible – may be hard for Leicester to turn down, and Rodgers could just be planting seeds.