Arsenal, pre-season

Arsenal pre-season is not as bad as some of their rivals – Just Arsenal News

July 30, 2019

Arsenal pre-season may not be as good as some would have wanted but it could have been a whole lot worse, just ask Liverpool.

Liverpool lost 3-0 yesterday to Napoli and put a team out with seven Champions League finalists and they have spent less than £2 Million in the transfer market.

OK, they start from a much better position than Arsenal, of course they do, they have a great defence for starters but the point I am making is that as pre-seasons go Arsenal are not doing as bad compared to some of our rivals.

Tottenham lost to Man Utd and their manager Maurizio Pochettino had to issue anapologyfor their brutal approach to the game, Chelsea did beat Barcelona but lost to Kawasaki Frontale and have lost their best player in Eden Hazard.

Pre-seasons are more about fitness than anything else and results tend to be secondary and that is proving to be the case this year.

There is clearly a problem with the Arsenal defence and hopefully, the club will do something about that but we are not the only club moaning about lack of transfers and the wrong areas not being strengthened, just take a look at our rivals and see the complaints coming from them.

Tottenham fans are no longerpurring like kittens, United fans are getting veryfrustrated, Chelsea fans are resigned to a hard season because of the transfer ban and even Liverpool fans areexpressing their anger.

From where I am sat I accept that we need to do more but our closest rivals are not progressing any more than us, they are not having a better pre-season and they have as many issues as what we have.

Does not mean we are in a better position than them, we are not, but it also does not mean they are leaving us behind because they are not.