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Anthony Joshua breaks silence on Tyson Fury’s win over Tom Schwarz and takes swipe at rival –

June 18, 2019

Anthony Joshua has spoken out for the first time on Tyson Fury’s knockout win over Tom Schwarz in Las Vegas.

Former heavyweight champion Fury stopped the previously unbeaten German star Schwarz within two rounds of their bout in America.

Joshua had been tipped to face fellow Brit Fury before losing his heavyweight belts to Andy Ruiz Jr. in a shock defeat last month.

Speaking on an Instagram live video, Joshua said: ‘Thoughts on Tyson Fury’s win? He done what he had to.

🗣️ Anthony Joshua reacts to Tyson Fury vs Tom Schwarz: “I could talk s***, but he done what he had to, well played to him. I wanna go back to fighting some easy opponents! [Schwarz was ranked] 56th. I think, why am I out here doing all this s*** myself? D’you know what I mean?”

— Michael Benson (@MichaelBensonn)June 17, 2019

‘I could talk s*** but he done what he had to, well played to him.’

Joshua, who has the opportunity to win his belts back from Ruiz when the pair rematch at the end of the year, then took a dig at Fury’s victory.

‘I wanna go back to fighting some easy opponents,’ he added, before being asked where Schwarz was ranked.

’56th. I think, why am out here doing all this s*** myself? D’ya know what I mean?’

Another one of Fury’s rivals, Deontay Wilder, has also reacted to his win over Schwarz.

‘It was a cool performance. It wasn’t much of an opponent. I think (Schwarz) only threw four punches. He was a punching bag,’ the WBC heavyweight champion told The Athletic.

‘Fury did what he was supposed to. They’re trying to promote him up, saying things, selling this story about him over and over again, talking about him as the lineal champion.

‘It’s building him up. But the performance was just okay.’

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