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Mbappe looks for an exit to Real Madrid – MARCA.com

June 12, 2019

Kylian Mbappewants to get out of the crossroads that he and his father got into two years ago. The 20-year-old is looking for a solution, but he knows that his future depends solely on the owners ofParis Saint-Germain.

Without the consent of thePSGhierarchy,Mbapperealises that he will have to stay at theParc des Princesfor another season.Real Madridare waiting for him, though the forward will have to do even more if he wants to move to the Spanish capital. What he has done thus far isn’t enough.

That is not to say that he isn’t trying. AfterFrance‘s victory againstAndorraon Tuesday night,Mbappewas serious in the mixed zone as he spoke with the French media, though he merely spoke aboutLes Bleus.

Interestingly, when the Spanish media then started to interrogateMbappe, he hit back but always with that famous smile. Questions were asked aboutReal Madridand the forward responded in Spanish: “Again you ask about the same thing?” Shortly after, he dropped another phrase in perfect Spanish whilst chuckling: “This is not the time to talk aboutReal Madrid.”

The truth is that the Frenchman is crazy about the idea of playing forLos Blancos. Since his message of wanting more responsibility, either atPSGor at another team, the media have been watching his every word intently.Mbappeis aware that he created this situation for himself with what he said at theLigue 1Awards show.

Francelost 2-0 away toTurkeyon Saturday andMbappehad a disappointing performance, which saw him attacked by some sections of the French press, but head coachDidier Deschampshas come to the defence of his young prodigy.

“In Turkey, not onlyMbappewas bad,” he noted. “Only[Hugo] Lloriswas okay, the rest – not justKylian– were very bad.”

However, againstAndorra,Mbapperemained calm and responded by opening the scoring in their 4-0 victory.

The forward knows that his way out ofPSGis difficult. It wasMbappe‘s father who made the decision to join the Parisians and now he is the one looking to help his son complete his dream move.

That meeting in 2017 in Los Angeles is still fresh in the memory ofMbappe, when he went from signing forReal Madridto being seduced by the Qatari’s money. Now he wants to reverse his situation.