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Font: I would do everything possible to sign De Ligt, but I wouldn’t sign Griezmann or Neymar – MARCA.com

June 12, 2019

Barcelona Presidential candidate discussed signings

Víctor Font.
Víctor Font.

Victor Font, one of thepresidential candidates for Barcelona’s next elections, which are expected to be held in 2021, believes that theBlaugranashould be focussing on signingMatthijs de Ligt, rather thanAntoine GriezmannorNeymar.

This is in part due to the club’s unstable financial position, which he has previously discussed, but also because of the sheer potential thatDe Ligthas.

“If I were president, these kinds of decisions would be taken by those responsible for the sports area [of the club], who would be the most prepared in the world,” saidFont.

“The sporting vice-president will be an ex-player.

“But me, speaking as a member, I would do everything to sign [De Ligt]. He is a unique talent and has spectacular potential. If he does not come, it is because he is not sold on the sporting project.”

Barcelonahave been strongly linked with a move forAtletico MadridforwardAntoine Griezmann, butFontstill remembers the way in which they were turned down by the Frenchman last summer.

“I wouldn’t sign him after what happened last summer,” he added.

“[That’s just] like a lot of members. I believe that there are many alternatives to him in the market.

“Besides, I don’t know how we could fit him into our system [on the pitch].”

Fontwould also not bringNeymarback to the club due to his off-field antics in the last couple of years.

“I wouldn’t sign him,” he affirmed.

“In addition to talent and technique, you have to look at other factors that influence and ensure that a footballer is competitive.

“And with him, those requirements are not met.

“In fact, when he left [in 2017], I thought it wasn’t a significant loss.

“He’s not entirely focussed on football.”

As part ofFont‘s presidential campaign in 2021, he wantsXavi Hernandezto have a key role in the project and he briefly touched on that.

“We speak and work,” saidFont.

“He’s going to beBarcelona‘s coach someday.

“But we want him to be a part of the sports structure and that does not depend on a few results.”