Perisic, reignites

Perisic reignites Icardi feud by striking up a social media allegiance with Maxi Lopez – english news

March 19, 2019

18 March at 13:15

“The problem is not the relationship between Icardi and his teammates.” Wanda Nara reiterated once again how Inter’s decision to take the captains armband from Mauro Icardi and his failure to return to the group cannot be attributed to disagreements with his teammates. She was particularly referencing Ivan Perisic who, according to rumors which Wanda Nara denied, would have had a fight with the Argentine because of her words on TV. The delicate relationship between the two was confirmed by the Croatian’s latest move on social media: a new friendship with Icardi’s former friend and ex-husband of Wanda, Maxi Lopez.

Friends while they were both at Sampdoria, Mauro and Maxi have become bitter enemies and even recently, despite no longer having direct contacts, they continued in their ‘cold war’ over their son. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” says a well-known proverb, and Maxi Lopez applied it after the derby which Inter won against Milan, when he started to follow Perisic on Instagram leaving some ‘likes’ and a comment on the photos outside Nerazzurri. 

The Croatian in turn followed Maxi Lopez, perhaps sending a message to Icardi in view of his possible return to the team in the coming weeks: diplomatic work continues with Marotta for his return, but the reception of some teammates at Inter and in particular that of Perisic may not be so positive.